4 Keys to Financial Success

Track your expense
Always track your expense, no matter how much you’re paid from your job, never spend more than you earn. Get rid of some unnecessary expenses, every little cost-cutting can result having a big saving.

Always set your monthly budget for each category you spend. Try to stick with the budget and don’t overspending it. A good budgeting plan can help keep your spending on track, start budgeting your expenses by creating a simple worksheet, and develop a habit to record down all your expenses daily. Review it in the end of each month and you will have a clear idea in how much money you spent and where they went.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt
Credit card debt is the one of a big issue that brings people into financial crisis. Try to pay off your credit card balance every month and not just paying the minimum payment.

Develop your own saving plan
You have heard it before: Pay yourself first? That’s very true, remember always pay yourself first. If you wait until you have met all your financial commitments, you will never save you a dime. Try to reside 5-10% of your salary from your pay check every month before you start paying your bills.